Thursday, April 24, 2008

My sis Manda Panda

Happy b-day seesta!
Random cool things about Manda:

  • She is REALLY REALLY funny
  • She doesn't get mad easily (at least not at ME)
  • She is an AWESOME mom to Sadie and wife to Jason
  • She loves animals
  • She has a totally hot bod and I am jealous
  • She once cut her bangs all the way to her SKULL and had a really cool look for a while there
  • Her hair is NOW fantastically long and gorgeous
  • She is an incredible athlete
  • She has big feet like me so I don't feel so bad
  • She had a rockin' short curly "Annie" do when she was little (this was after the scissors incident)
  • She was born on 4-24-84 and she is 24 today! What's with all the 4's??
LOVE YOU, Amanda Kay!!


The Green Bunch said...

24?! Where does the time go?! I remember Amanda, probably around age 3. She would hang out with us in your room and would sing with us. There was one song she knew perfectly (I can't remember which one now though.) You've grown up beautifully Amanda - Happy Birthday!

(I have 2 nephews with the same birthday!)

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Wow! How nice are you??!! Thanks for the lovely words :) Love ya BIG footed sis!!

Sarah Greener said...

Fun facts!:) Happy Birthday Amanda! We love ya!!