Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life with Z and D

I thought it might be a good idea to post a few things that each of the boys are interested in these days at their respective ages. Time really flies and it is amazing how quickly we forget...

ZACHARY (age 10)
  • Likes anything and everything to do with Pokemon. All his friends consider him the resident pro.
  • Stands over my shoulder a LOT when I am on the computer.
  • Is great at setting the table.
  • LOVES making up jokes - and a lot of them are pretty good ones, too!
  • is very excited to see the upcoming Iron Man movie.
  • Really likes playing a Mario game on the Wii
  • Is more into "hanging out" in his room than he has ever been. I feel the teenage years creeping up behind me...
  • Loves spending time with his cousin Ivy.
  • Thinks he is a lot like his friend Ryan G, and likes spending time with him.
  • Is interested in learning more about everything...very into interesting fact type books.
  • Likes game shows a lot- especially Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Wheel of Fortune.
  • Still prefers that I comb his hair in the morning in stead of doing it himself. (Fine by me!)
  • Is still a good cuddler, even at 10 years old (thank goodness).
  • Likes the SAME song sung to him every night at bedtime. (Sleep, My Dear One. It's Welsh lullaby.)
  • Is definitely a schedule-keeping kind of guy. He likes structure.
  • Won't let me anywhere NEAR his mouth because he is afraid I am going to ambush him and pull his two dangling loose teeth.
DYLAN (age 6)
  • LOVES loves loves his Aunt Savannah (my 16 year old sis).
  • Admires and loves Poppi Madsen greatly - wants to be a cowboy just like him.
  • Likes the tv show Word World on PBS because he says he it makes him smarter than all the kids.
  • In still a Star Wars fan, four years running.
  • He is AMAZING with a light saber. No kidding! He really can whip the thing around. We should have him take up fencing or something.
  • Is a great puddle-splasher.
  • Is Daddy's best buddy.
  • Loves to press the gate code when coming in and out of our gated neighborhood.
  • Is very tall for his age - off the charts tall.
  • Says he wants to be a basketball player when he gets bigger. No other sport, just basketball.
  • Is totally pleased with himself when he finishes reading a book without any help from mom or dad. (mom and dad are pleased, too!)
  • Has taken up spitting on the ground whenever he is outside. Not my favorite thing, but at least he is outside.
  • Calls his heel his "chin-foot."
  • Tells me he loves me several times a day.
  • Loves to have me sing the Hush Little Baby Song at bedtime, substituting his name in, instead of singing "baby."
My boys. I love 'em.


The Green Bunch said...

That was fun getting to know what Z & D's intrests are right now! That will be fun to have in years from now! Do you save everything you post on your blog - like in a document or something?

christensen crew said...

Nicole, Thank you for saying hello on our blog! I showed your comment and then your blog to Steve and he was so happy to see your family! WE love your family...all of the Madsens! I must say that you have such a cute blog and darling boys. I love the photos of them along the side. Great shots of them, they are so handsome. We added your link to our blog, hope that is okay and we are excited to keep in touch better now!
Katie C.

Tammi Shepherd said...

What a good idea, it seems that Dylan and Tayson would get along great.