Friday, April 25, 2008

Zack's Honor Roll Mishap and Cowboy Dylan

Yesterday was the quarterly awards assembly for all the honor roll kids at the elementary. Just like every other quarter this year, Zack made the honor roll (yahoo!). I went to the assembly at the designated time. In roll the 4th graders. All the honor roll kids are announced...waiting, Zack's name. I am thinking, maybe he made the HIGH honor roll? they announce all the HIGH honor roll kids...waiting, waiting, no Zack. Zack keeps turning around, looking at me like "huh? What's going on?"

Then they get to the Principal awards...ok, I KNOW he didn't have straight A's, so there is no way he could have gotten this one. Zack keeps looking at me, so I tell him it's not a big deal and motion to him to go and tell his teacher that they forgot him. Zack told his teacher, who immediately goes up to the principal and whispers in her ear. By then, all the kids are OFF the stage and the assembly is almost over. The principal then says "Oh!! We forgot someone! I feel so bad when someone gets left off the list. We forgot to mention Zachary Smith, for the PRINCIPALS HONOR ROLL." (Ha! It should have only been honor roll.) So Zack went up on the stage all alone, and sort of galloped across, waving at everyone and all the kids are laughing...the vice principal got down on one knee and "knighted" him.
Zack told me that ALL the rest of the day, people kept congratulating him for getting straight A's. He had to keep correcting them. All in good fun! Maybe it will motivate him to actually GET straight A's!

And then we have cowboy Dylan. The rodeo is in town this weekend. Cowboy cousins (Rick and Marci's kiddos) are in town this weekend. Cowboy stuff as far as they eye can see. I never thought I would find myself in a western wear place (ok family, try not to laugh...) looking at cowboy hats for my son. Dylan LOVES this hat...he wears it as much as possible, and looks pretty darn cute.

Rodeo tonight - 6-year old cousin Kade will be muttin' bustin. You KNOW I'll be taking pictures of that! Good times for all.


The Green Bunch said...

Way to go Zach! Dylan looks good in a cowboy hat. Now I want to see you in your western wear!

Tammi Shepherd said...

Muttin bustin is fun to watch, we went when we lived in Utah. Dylan looks great in a cowboy hat, it looks like he is a natural. Good job Zach, its so fun when they get awards.

Alexis said...

I honestly love your blog. You are such a great blogger! I'm so impressed. I loved the story about Zach. That is funny. I can't believe how fast time flies. Your boys are huge!

Nicole said...

Don't hold your breath waiting to see me in western wear, Val...I look ridiculous in a hat! (And no WAY would I ever try wranglers!!)