Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girls Night Out: CATS

Sue and I went to see the musical CATS last night. It's hard to believe that with all the musicals I have seen in my lifetime, I have never seen CATS, the longest running musical in history. Matt and I have season tickets, but he didn't feel like going (he stayed home and hooked up the computer - yay, Matt!) and I thought my friend Sue might like it, so off we went! We enjoyed the show. It was definitely a very strange storyline, but the dancing and musical numbers were fantastic! I kept thinking about 80's beauty pageants though, every time they sang "Memory, all alone in the moonlight..."

Fun night out for Nicole and Sue!

I also spent a lot of the show feeling guilty about Butterscotch (the cat). He ran off the other day after I moved him to the new house and we haven't seen him yet. He took one look around this much-smaller-than-2-acres-backyard and was outta here. Matt says he'll come back. I hope so!


Mateo said...

Butterscotch has been found. When the boys and I were over at my parent's home today, we found him in the barn. Dylan and Zack were way excited. He will stay over there and keep the mice and rat population in check.