Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recipe of the Week: Dinner for Movers



1 car (with gas)
2 hands
1 wallet, preferably with money
1 stack paper plates
napkins as needed


Open mostly empty fridge several times, expecting food to appear each time it is opened. Look at hungry, dirty children. Pick up cell phone, call local restaurant for take out. Step over boxes, stub toe several times on the way to the door. Drive to restaurant in car with gas, take wallet out, pay for dinner. Drive home (stop for more gas if needed), grab paper plates and napkins and feed hungry husband and children.

Repeat nightly as needed until crock pot is finally found.


The Green Bunch said...

I think I might take this recipe and adjust it to - dinner for on the go family. Really the only thing I would have to change is...
step over boxes and make that step over toys and backpacks! And repeat nightly until sports end!
Very creative post - FUN, FUN!

hawkins said...

I've had this recipe many times. It works out very well! Have you tried the Tri tip, or bbq Pork sandwiches from The Meat Market yet? They are way yummy. By the way, I made your cheddar beef enchiladas last week. We loved them. Thanks for all he fun recipes!

Megan said...

I guess we were on the same page thinking of madsen madness. You must have a good brain! Cute blog! And funny about being LDS!