Monday, April 21, 2008

The Kindergarten Hat Parade

Every year, instead of a kindergarten graduation, the kindergarten at the boys' school has a HAT PARADE. They send home plain hats with nothing on them, and our job is to decorate the hats as we please, and then the kiddos have a little precession of sorts to show off their cute hats. It was lots of fun!

Naturally, Dylan chose a Star Wars theme. He was heavily involved and very opinionated about the design of the hat. Here are a couple of shots of the finished product:

Here is a picture of Dylan with his good friend Brynley, who was also his partner in the parade. Dylan was really hamming it up on stage. Following in mommy's footsteps!

A shot of some of the kids singing the Bicycle Song, very enthusiastically!

Cute friends of ours, Brynley and Jessie:

Much fun for all!


Cecily R said...

What a fun idea!! Love the Star Wars hat!!

Wait, why are you already celebrating graduation???