Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Laughing Out Loud

What makes me laugh?
  • Zack makes me laugh - he is a total crack up, with a really quick wit. I love his sarcasm.
  • Dylan makes me laugh. I love how he runs around all day singing all the songs he knows.
  • Matt makes me laugh. I especially like watching him play with the kids - he is just a big kid, too.
  • Being with my brother and sisters makes me laugh. What a bunch of nerds. I love 'em!
  • Kristen Wiig on SNL makes me laugh.
  • THE SOUP on the E! channel makes me laugh - a lot! My guilty pleasure.
  • Dancing with my boys at the mother/son dance was totally fun. They can BOOGIE, baby! That makes me laugh.
  • The movie Juno.
  • Watching Peggy Sue Got Married and listening to Nicolas Cage's ridiculous voice he uses in that movie makes me laugh.
  • One of our counselors in the bishopric cracks me up - he is totally funny when he conducts sacrament meeting. I love it!
  • The little Cranney girls (friends in our ward) - they are so darn cute it makes me giggle!
  • My Aunt Mace is the best - she is so funny she ALWAYS makes me laugh.
  • THIS BLOG (click to see) makes me laugh - I love it!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

I like this Tell All. YOU make me laugh!!!

Karsen said...

I can't believe we made the blog!!! My kids absolutely adore you, and often come home with reports about Sister Madsen. Nicole, I'm an addict to your blog...I read it all the time! I love it!