Friday, May 23, 2008

Brynley and Dylan

Brynley is here to play today. Good times.
I am LAUGHING like crazy all morning, just listening to the two of them when they don't know I am paying attention. For example:

  • Dylan is teaching Brynley how to play Star Wars on the Wii. He is very encouraging, giving her a hearty "Good Job, Brynley!" Every time she does something cool. Her reply, "THANKS, Dylan!" So cute.
  • Brynley told Dylan that Jacki is her best, best, best, best, best, best friend, but that Dylan is her best, best, best friend. Three best's. Good enough for Dylan - he is one happy camper.
  • Dylan told Brynley that she is his girlfriend. I of course jump in and tell them that Brynley is a GIRL and a FRIEND, and that is what he means. She seems cool with that, but she did inform him that Sean "loves" her. Then Dylan told her that HE loves her too. Brynley just giggles. She is already figuring out just how much power she has over these boys. (Note to self: watch out when Dylan is with Sean. We don't want any feuding going on around here.)
  • They are giggling like little nuts - I absolutely love it!
  • Playing the piano together - Brynley tells Dylan to close his eyes, then she plays a tune. She's very good!
  • Right now as I type, they are both having lunch and barking like dogs. Bryn sounds like a little dog, Dylan is a big dog. Oh, to be 6 again...


Tiffany said...

Sounds like a cute friend. I agree, hearing your kids talk to their friends when they think you aren't listening is VERY interesting, and informative!

We're getting excited to see you!