Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday, As Requested by Zack

Last night Zack asked me if I was going to do a "Flashback Friday" on the blog today. I told him that I had not done one in a couple of weeks, but would if he wanted me to do one. He said yes, and I believe he wants one dedicated to HIM. So here is another Flashback Friday, just for my little (well, if you call being 5'1 at 10 years old "little...") Zackaroo.

This is a photo of Zack at the sand dunes near Kanab when he was approximately 6 years old, around 2003. I know this because Dylan is 6 now and wears that same shirt...I can tell time by hand-me-down clothes! Impressive, huh??

This next one was taken in 2004 - he was about 7 years old then. I remember that my little sis Savy took the photo. I thought it turned out really cute, although he does look a little dehydrated with the white tongue and all...we were in St. George that day.

I found this photo just the other day. Zack was 1 year old at the time this was taken. We lived in North Carolina and were in the back yard of his Uncle Johnny and Aunt Miriam's house in Charlotte. Ahhhh - such a cute baby.

I love my Zack. He is smart, fun, cute, and definitely the coolest 10 year old I know.


Cecily R said...

What a great kid!!!!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

little baby zack!! ohhhhhh sooo so cute!