Friday, May 9, 2008

The Sun'll Come Out....


This past Wednesday night Sue, Rebecca and I each took one of our kiddos to see the Broadway production of Annie at the Saroyan Theatre. What a fun show! Of course, I know the story inside and out, having seen the Carol Burnett version several times on TV as a kid AND as an adult. I wasn't sure if I would fully enjoy it since I knew the story SO well, but I really did love it! The orphan girls and the lady who played Miss Hannigan totally stole the show. The girl who played Annie didn't yell out the songs too much, which has always been a pet peeve of mine about this show, so that was good too. Zack even liked it!

I took a few cute photos of the crew before we left...

Yay! Zack is SOOOOO very excited to see Annie!!

Sue and Brynley

Rebecca and Olivia

Mom and the Z-man. I know I look like death. I have another horrible cold this week and I was severely doped up that night...dig my highly medicated smile (and hair!).

Here are the kids together. This is as close and I could get Zack to stand to the girls...this will ALL change in another year or so!

Cute Brynley Sue

I never had the opportunity to see a professional Broadway show until I was 18 years old...I am glad that these children got the have the exposure at a young age. Long live live theatre!!


Cecily R said...

There's nothing like live theatre!

Love the pictures!