Sunday, May 4, 2008


Tonight we went to an ice cream social in honor of a member of the Stake Presidency that was released today in stake conference. To help explain what comes next, I need to inform all my "blog buddies" that Dylan's primary teacher's name is Sister Hanamaikai. Dylan likes to say her name over and over because it is kind of a long one, and he has it mastered and thinks it is cool. I was helping Dylan get dressed and the following conversation took place:

Dylan: Why are we putting church clothes back on?
Mom: We are going to the church for some ice cream.
Dylan: Which church are we going to, the Hanamaikai church or the other one? (The other one is the Stake center.)
Mom: (trying not to totally crack up) the other one.

SO funny!! I'll bet Sister Hanamaikai didn't know the whole BUILDING was named after her!


Sarah Greener said...

Haha that is funny. Kids are hilarious, just so innocent.