Sunday, May 11, 2008

Matt's Madre

Happy Mothers Day to the best Mom Matt's ever had!!

A few things that we all love about her...

Matt says:
  • She's a great example
  • She's compassionate
  • She supportive
  • She's smart
  • She's a happy person
  • She has a strong testimony
  • She is a great example of missionary service
Dylan says:
  • He likes it when she does the "running puppet thingy"
  • She is fun
Zack says:
  • She's nice to me
  • She is kind to everyone
Nicole says:
  • She expresses herself beautifully
  • She is always super supportive and encouraging
  • She gives great advice
  • She is FUN to be with
  • She is a great grandmother to Zack and Dylan
  • She is a great mom to all us daughters-in-law
  • She is very loved respected by all who know her
Happy Mother's Day, Gigi! We love you!


Sarah Greener said...

Congrats on being the new primary prez! You will be great!! I liked the tribute to your mom and mom in law:) Happy mom's day to you!

Ruth said...

How sweet!!! :) Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

(I ran across your blog while surfing around - I can't believe I've been reading random blogs for 2 hours tonight! LOL It's great to see such wonderful words about Moms today, though!) - Ruth