Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mi Madre

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom I've ever had :o)

Seriously, my mom is truly the best. Just a FEW things about her that I admire:
  • She is beautiful, inside and out
  • She's smart
  • She has that "mothers intuition" thing down pat
  • She is WAY cool
  • She has seriously sexy legs
  • She is totally in love with my dad
  • She is an EXPERT hiker
  • She is a great listener and always gives sound, realistic advice
  • She can cheer louder than ALL the other moms
  • She is a really fun Grandma
  • She passed on her love of reading to the whole family
  • She has a beautiful testimony and expresses it well
  • She is a perfect "dieting partner"
  • Dylan loves that she tells him lots stories
  • Zack loves that she is really fun
  • Matt likes that she is a happy person, and that she has a GREAT bunch of kids :o)
  • She is a friend to all
  • She's my mom - no easy feat.
Love you, Mom!! Happy Mothers Day!


Alexis said...

I love Marcia. She is the best. You girls have an awesome mother.

Matt & Laura Edwards: said...

I LOVE your mom so much! I wish I got to see her more!

~Savy* said...

this is mom, wow cole i just read it! you are awesome! thank you.