Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Childhood Summer Memories

We lived in Moab, Utah for most of my childhood, up until I was 12 years old. I remember...
  • First and foremost, my summers were all about the baseball park. We LIVED at the ballpark in Moab as a kid. I played, my dad played, my sister played. Still to this day, when I go to a ballpark and smell that grass-and-dirt smell, I get all nostalgic. It was the best.
  • Playing on the patio at Grandma and Grandpa Pratt's house when we visited St. George. They used to turn the hose on to keep the patio wet and we splashed around. I also remember sitting on a bee with my bare bum and having Grandma take care of my poor little bee-stung bottom when I was very little. I think that is my very first memory. I still miss Grandma Pratt every day.
  • Riding my bike at the school board office parking lot next door to our house. Jess running smack into the brick wall because she forgot about the brakes.
  • Pushing my baby brother DJ around the block in a stroller again and again to get him to stop fussing.
  • Walking down the street to Go-Fer Foods for a treat. Sometimes we bought candy cigarettes! Oh, the shame...
  • Playing catch with my Dad in the front yard for HOURS. I loved it, and I think he did too.
  • Watching Jess climb the big pole in our back yard, the little monkey that she was!
  • Dad working in the garden out back. I remember that it was HUGE! If I saw the yard today, I wonder if it would still seem as big to me now?
  • Playing with Vicki and Annette - listening to Vicki's Shawn Cassidy record in her room on her little pink record player.
  • My dog Zeke
  • Riding my bike clear across town to go to the swimming pool.
  • Hanging out with Lisa Quinn.
  • Eating hamburgers at Milt's.
  • Running through the sprinklers.
  • Playing Frisbee with my parents at the park.
  • Baby DJ bouncing on the swing on our front porch...bounce...bounce...bounce...
  • The day my dog Zeke came home covered in porcupine quills after getting in a fight with a porcupine. I was horrified. So was Zeke. (He survived.)
  • Our neighbor Lupe telling me that if I kept sucking the top of the glass to my mouth, the ring would STAY there permanently. I totally believed her.
  • My mom's long, dark hair in a bandanna.
  • Vicki Peterson telling me her dad came home when it was "peach dark."
  • Sunflowers
  • People hang gliding from the mountain behind our house.
  • Hiking in all the National Parks surrounding Moab. My Dad knew them like the back of his hand. What a lucky kid I was!
  • LOTS of fishing in the Colorado River on "our beach."
  • Camping with the family.
  • Deep fried catfish.
  • Just being a dirty, happy kid.
I could go on and on. I love recalling summer memories - I find it interesting that I remember all the little normal day to day things mostly...I hope my children have fun memories like this as well. Happy days!


Tiffany said...

What a great memory you have! I'm jealous! There are few things more precious than childhood summer memories. And thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a fun day.

What a great primary president you will be! Dry Creek Ward is blessed to have you! It was fun to get updated on your life. Sad our kids won't benefit from your creativity and talent!

We are excited to be there soon . . . only 4 weeks and 6 days! Yikes! So much to do!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Wow, those were mostly news to me! It's like I wasn't even there.... Oh yeah I WASN'T! haha

Clayton, Alexis & Anna Cutler said...

We must be online at the same time because I just barely got your comment and you just barely left it! Sweet. Anyway... i don't know why you say you need a "blog lift" because I absolutely love your blog... but yes I made this myself. I made a scrapbook page through my digital scrapbooking program and then I uploaded it as a picture. I can teach you how if you need more help than that. It is a little complex but someone told me how and I'm an idiot and I figured it out! So... I'm sure you can!!! Your family is so cute. I can't believe how much they have grown. It is crazy.