Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mi Padre

Happy Father's Day to my Dad! Best. Dad. Ever.

Some awesome things about my pop:

  • GREAT sense of humor
  • Incredible athlete
  • Understanding in times of trouble
  • Never-ending compassion
  • Played catch with me for HOURS as a kid, even though I know he probably had tons of things to do
  • Gives great, realistic advice
  • Super-duper supportive
  • He has a real testimony of the gospel
  • Makes me giggle a little when he gets impatient with the kids. He's waaaaay more patient than he used to be!
  • Used to tell me I "ran like a girl" when he was my softball coach. "But Dad! I am a girl!!"
  • Favorite phrase growing up: "Make a hole!!" (Lots of kids, not enough space...)
  • He's my Dad - I love him!


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Zachary said...

I really miss you guys! We've been having a good time out here at King's Island today and a water park tomorrow! I'll call soon - Happy Father's Day! Love you!