Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baseball Daze

The Madsen's, Ashcraft's and Bogle's went out to the Fresno Grizzlies vs. SLC Bees this past week - good times as always! The weather was perfect and all the kids and adults had a great time together. To top it all off, the Grizzlies even won the game! What could be better??

Could someone please tell me WHY baseball managers wear baseball uniforms?? Football coaches don't do it. Basketball coaches don't do it. I think old guys with bellies look SILLY in baseball uniforms! Just an opinion...

True love: Dylan and Savy

Who needs a spoon?? Not Mac!

Reagan laughing - love this girl!!

FYI: Matt is a goofball.

Dylan with an ice cream cone. Happy boy.

Zack and his blue "stache"

Em and her blue tongue

Handsome boys Colton, Weston and Rich

Daddy Darren with a tired Emily

Sue and Taylor sitting pretty

Some of us enjoying the game (and a Tootsie Pop!)

Adorable girls! Emily, Reagan and Brynley

Brooke the beauty (love those dimples!!)

Good time was had by all. Awesome friends. We love 'em.


Valerie said...

Fun times! Love the new background! Why do they make the managers where the uniforms? Good question! It's funny that for all stars (even for little kids) they make the coaches where uniforms too! Listening to all of their comments are funny! They are NOT use to wearing the uniforms, but it is required or they can't be on the field. I think I'll google it and find out the reason why!

The Cutlers said...

I have to say for the millionth time... I love your camera! It takes great pictures. Looks like the baseball game was fun! Is Savy out visiting you?