Monday, July 21, 2008

Gary Sinise Loves Me

Well, ok...not REALLY, but I did get to go to CSU Summer Arts "Evening with Gary Sinise" and sit about 20 feet away from him. I am pretty sure we made eye contact a few times. It was FANTASTIC.

I'll take what I can get, folks.


Rebecca said...

I sat about 18 feet away from Gary and I winked at him. He looks really hot in that picture.

Sarah Greener said...

Oh wow that is way cool!!
I love the pictures of you guys at the beach, that looked like sooo much fun! like the new layout too!

Coopercomics said...

You sly fox!! Was he super nice in person? Was he short? I need details woman! Details!!! :)

Nicole said...

not super short - about 5'9 probably. Very normal, nice guy. I liked him a lot! Only about 250 people that fit in the venue, so it was very cool - nice and intimate.