Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Boys go to the Beach

Matt and the boys, along with our friend Jason and his boys Chandler and Davis, took a little trip to the beach near Santa Cruz for some man-bonding-fishing-camping time this week. Savy and I just chilled here at home. Kinda nice for everyone! Matt obliged me and took some pictures. I must admit that I am slightly jealous of their time on the beach...

Matt and his catch of the day. Good thing they took food and didn't depend on catching their meals!

Zack loves fishing off the pier.

Dylan in the ocean - it was chilly!

Jason, hard at work.

Dylan and Davis fishing. Silly boys.

The 4 boys at the campsite.

Manresa Beach at Sunset

I missed 'em all - glad they had fun, and that they are home!


Valerie said...

Damon loved going fishing by Santa Cruz when we lived in Cali! How fun for the boys to get away like that!