Sunday, July 27, 2008

Primary Pioneer Pastimes

Our first official Primary Activity Day as a presidency was a successful one! Our theme was "Pioneer Pastimes" and we had 5 stations for the kids...Butter making, stick-pulling, story and singing time, whirlygig making, and the reverence dollars store. We had a great turnout and everything ran smoothly. Hooray!

Jessi and Savy helped with the butter making station. Dylan always tries to be as close to Savannah as possible :o)

Shake, shake, shake...making butter! This was so much fun!

Two kiddos trying out stick-pulling. This was one of the favorite activities of the day.

I asked Matt's mom to tell about the pioneers in Nauvoo - the kids gave her RAPT attention - it was incredible. She is a great story teller! They then learned a pioneer song from Kristi.

Dylan is decorating his whirly-gig. Very cool.

Sue (my hero, or I guess I should say heroine but not as in the drug heroine. She's just awesome.) and me, roaming the halls.

Whew! All done - time to start planning the Primary Program! :o)


hawkins said...

ooooh what fun!!! Makes me miss the Primary days so much! I absolutely love my YW, but I also really loved serving with my girls in Primary. I bet you're such a great President!

~Savy* said...

that activity was the coolest thing i've ever done in my life.

Jill said...

Sorry I missed it! I was away, and of course you know that if you checked out my blog!

Valerie said...

What a great activity! I'm glad it was such a success! Good luck with the program now!

Rebecca said...

You and Sue make a great team. Great job on a fun activity!

Hey, someone has really cute shoes and hot legs in the picture with Matt's mom. Hmmm? Who could that be?