Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independence Day - Kanab Style (Also my 52 Blessings Project Week # 27)

It's been a few years since we've been in Kanab for the 4th of July - we got to go this year since it was my 20 year reunion. I love Kanab on the 4th! It's the BEST place to be, and Kanab is why the 4th of July is my all-time favorite holiday. Small town pride at its best. I am so blessed to have spent my Middle School and High School years in a great place like Kanab!

We started the day at the parade - I cannot remember ever seeing SO many people attending the parade before. It was great! I kind of enjoyed listening to someone ELSE sing the National Anthem to start it all off (but then again, I secretly missed doing it myself, just a little bit...)

My beautiful sisters, Savannah, Ali and Sarah

Sadie and her cute fireworks-style hair. I love it!

My sis Emily and Mia enjoying the parade

Later that night - right out the my parents back yard for the fireworks. They have a PERFECT view of all the action. It was like our own personal fireworks show! (I even think Matt was a teeny bit impressed. Not bad for a small town!) I didn't get any pics of the BIG fireworks, because I was inside with Dylan watching them from a window (*sigh*). He still hates the noise. I am ready for him to grow out of this phase!! I did get some great pictures of the kids with their sparklers, though. Sparklers are always a ball!

Katelyn, Zack and Ivy having a "sparkler duel"

Kelly having fun

Sammy loved it, too!

My brother DJ was busy handing out the sparklers. Grandma Cooper in the background!

Happy Birthday, America!


Gwen Hawkins said...

looks like a blast! Glad you had fun! hey, help me convince Rebecca Parkin to start a blog. I was teasing her at the gym this morning. :)

Cortney said...

I didn't grow out of the "scared of firewroks" phase until I was like 11. And I am still slightly frightened of sparklers... Next year Dylan and I can watch from inside together!

Cortney said...


Rebecca said...

Yes, Gwen was teasing me, and if I can get over my Techno-Retard Disease, I'll dive in to the world of blogging.

Although, I must say, I love spying on my friends and their families through their blogs. Now, that's addicting. Please call me "SpyBlog."