Saturday, August 9, 2008

Family Vacation, Part III: Sea World

Another day, another park. The day after we went to the zoo, we rejuvenated our feet (seriously...have you ever used one of those foot rejuvenators they have at the zoo? It was AWESOME. Truly.) and headed for Sea World. Karsen and the girls were able to come and spend the morning there with us. I LOVED seeing all the water creatures there - so beautiful.

Here we all are, checking out the baluga whale. They swam RIGHT up to the glass by us. They are so white and lovely. Kids liked this a lot.

Me with Paige, checking out the penguins.

Happy feet! Happy feet!

Haley in the GINORMOUS bounce house.

Z and D, climbing up the play structure. You could seriously lose your kid in this, it is SO huge.

Katelyn's HOT!

Emma. Can't get over those eyes!

We were walking down the lane, then this huge group of flamingoes is coming straight for us! The guy with them says, "just don't move, and they'll go right by!" Very cool.

Shamu the whale. Incredibly graceful.

How do they train them to DO that?? So cool. We sat in the splash zone and got drenched. Loved it!