Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Good to Be 7

Dylan had his birthday party yesterday...friends, swimming, hamburgers, cupcakes, presents and water games. Life is good when you're 7 years old.

This is Dylan's "the Hulk thanks you" card that went in with the goodie bags - I thought it was so funny that I would post it here, too! (Yay for me - Photo shop is great!)

Blowing out the candles on the cupcakes (Dylan's mouth is on the right)

Jumping off the diving board with wild abandon! I love it.

The water relay game was a HUGE hit.

Ryan and Dylan - little fish in the water.





Hulk-green cupcakes. Yum yum.

David, Dylan and Ryan. Chowing some lunch while sitting on the diving board. (I think Ryan at all his chips, and maybe ONE bite of the burger!)

Daniel (the ladies man), Jacki (who would NOT give me a straight face) and Brynley, enjoying the yummy food BBQ'd by Matt.

The birthday boy.


This is one happy kid, showing his "hulk" face. I think it might stick like that. Seriously. He does it ALL the time.

Thanks to Grami Snow for letting us invade her back yard for Dylan's party, and thanks to Aunt Tish and Gigi for being our unofficial lifeguards. Yep - life is pretty good when you're 7.


Savy said...

haha, he's hulk smashing the pool! i love it. i wish i could've been there for that, looks like a freakin' blast! and ya know, i bet his face does get stuck like that.

Sarah Greener said...

Happy b-day Dylan! hahaha that looked like a great party!! What a cute kid!

Rebecca said...

Looks like fun! Sorry my boys missed it! Have a great trip to D-Land. And enjoy those cute Cranney girls! Even I miss Haley!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

That looks like a BLAST!! Very cute pictures of the party guests. I wanna be seven again!!

The Clevelands said...

Tell Dylan Happy Birthday Dylan. About your question on the camera. i ended up getting a canon and I absolutely love it. Are you by chance in L.A. this weekend?

Angie Cleveland said...

That last comment was left by me, by the way I was logged in on Casey & Ems account and I didn't realize it until just now...