Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: School Memories

My earliest memories from school: I remember chasing a boy named Mike around on the playground, and I remember playing Red Rover in Kindergarten. I remember that my Kindergarten teacher got married that year, and she came in to class with her wedding dress, her new hubby, and a wedding cake for us. Awesome. I remember that her husband had boots on. I remember that we had naps on a mat at school. I remember that there was another Nicole in my class, and that's pretty much it!

What I loved about the first week of school
: Getting to wear all my new clothes, and using my new Trapper Keeper. Mine had puppies on it.

My favorite subjects
: Music and Drama, of course. I remember being horrified that I didn't get a lead part in the Elementary School musical, Go West. I wanted the part of the narrator. I spent the whole time glaring at the girl who was the narrator, knowing I would be SO much better than her! Her name was Melissa. Grrrrr.

Favorite playground game: Four square. I had some pretty mean moves, baby.


Valerie said...

Love the memories! My kindergarten teacher got married too! Only she left us and we got a new teacher that wasn't as nice. I remember as well as the naps on the mats, we had graham crackers and milk. My how times have changed!

Lisanne Lee said...

You are a heroically talented blog poster. I love to read your thoughts.



Rebecca said...

I never owned a Trapper Keeper. Too expensive. My parents bought us PeeChee folders. We would duct tape the several folders together. Eventually the PeeChee covers would be covered in stickers and sharpie pen graffitti. (I'm not sure who to spell PeeChee -- been forever, of course!)