Thursday, September 11, 2008

Memories of Sept. 11, 2001

Around 6:00 AM on Sept. 11, 2001, I was asleep. Home with my 3 year old Zack and 1 month old Dylan. Got a phone call from someone on the east coast, telling me to turn on my TV right now. Something is happening. I switch on the TV and see that one of the twin towers has been hit by a plane. Lots of speculation going on as to what exactly happened...was it a small plane? A large plane? What happened? The pictures were scary. I was watching live as the second plane crashed into the second tower, and everything changed. The newscasters were somber. Wiping away tears. Talk of terrorist attacks. More speculation. So very frightening. Then the towers fell...unbelievable to watch that happen. I sat there on the sofa most of the rest of the day. Me and Peter Jennings. I explained to Zack what was happening, knowing that this was an important thing for him to remember. I wanted him to know. To see. He asked me about the people on the airplanes. After I told him that all the people on the planes had been killed, he said, "but Mom, it's GOOD that all the bad guys died, too, right?" I was nursing tiny baby Dylan off and on all day while watching the events in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania unfold. I remember looking at his little face thinking, what kind of a world has he been born into? How can I protect my little boys from all this hatred and ugliness?

It is difficult for me to understand why so many people in other countries hate us enough to actually want to kill us. I love this country. I love what it stands for. I am happy that I can raise my children here, and for all the freedoms we enjoy. It is important to remember the events that happened that day, and it is even more important to remember how we all came together and supported our President and government during this frightening time. it was inspiring. I remember all the flags flying from everyone's cars. A beautiful sight.

God Bless America. Indeed.


The Gage Cage said...

Sept 11th had a big impact on me too. I rarely cry and I cried a few times watching the news. I am glad you wrote this piece. It used to be that there were flags it seems like a lot of people have forgotten. I had my children all wear red, white and I walked around campus I didn't see many others. I hope the nation doesn't forget and loose their patriotism.