Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday: Halloween 2007

Last year we went to a 70's themed party for Halloween. I thought I would post them as a flashback in honor of the month of October, and besides that, these pictures really deserve to be seen!

Yes, that's Darren, Matt and Rich! Matt is Gene Simmons (from Kiss), Darren is some 70's dude that I think totally looks like Barry Gibb from the BeeGees, and Rich is Paul Stanley from Kiss. Dylan was afraid of Matt when he was all dressed up. I kinda liked it. What does that say about me?? Hmmm.

I had to post this picture too, because I think Rich looks better in makeup than any man I have ever seen! Sue did it for him. She looks totally fro-tastic here as a 70's chick. And no, that is NOT Rich's real chest hair. Thank goodness.

Here's Jason and Rebecca! Jason looked like Mr. Kotter, from Welcome Back, Kotter, don't you think? Some of you might be too young to even know what I am talking sad. And Rebecca is one hot disco honey with ginormous glasses!
I was also dressed as a 70's babe with a big blonde 'fro, but I don't like any of the pictures of me, so I am not posting them. So there. Hey, it's my blog!


Rebecca said...

Oh, come on Nicole. I have the pictures. Maybe I should post them on my blog for all the world to see . . . . And where am I in your pictures? I looked so disco-tastic. Sheesh -- what has this world come to?

Nicole said...

Rebecca, your picture IS there! Hello!! :o)

How could I not post you in all your disco-tastic glory??

The Gage Cage said...

Gene Simmons ha? Hmm. Ha! Looks like a happenin party!

Rebecca said...

Was my picture really there? How did I miss it? Either you snuck it in or I'm still on valium. Idea: think we should all switch wigs this year. I think we should go out to dinner on the 30th in our wigs and everyday clothes and act like it's normal for us to have fro's.

Michelle said...

That was a good laugh! Im holding out for the pictures of you though..