Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soccer Saturday

I went soccer-hopping on Saturday.

Both kids play at different schools, so Matt and I have to divide and conquer for Saturday soccer games, since most of the boys games seem to be scheduled close together. I managed to get to SOME of Dylan's game, and ALL of Zack's. Matt is coaching Dylan's team this year, so he was with Dylan the whole time. I am happy that the two schools are only about 5-10 minutes apart!

Dylan's team was beaten pretty badly. It was not pretty. It's good that the kids don't seem to mind the score too much at this age. We knew we were in trouble when the opposing team all jogged out and went right to their positions like little trained monkeys...and Dylan's teammates were all pretending to be robots, playing with imaginary light sabers and searching for bugs in the grass.

But he sure is cute!

Go, Dylan!

Zack's team won their game, 5-1. They played REALLY well and Zack has come a long, long way since he first started playing soccer 3 years ago. I was happy for him! I love the group of parents that I sit with for Zack's team - they are TOO much fun. His coach is fantastic too - he has these kids performing really well.

Run, Zack! Run!

Kids all love the "parent tunnel" after the game! That's the Z-man, #23, running through.

And this is pretty much what our Saturdays will look like for the next couple of months! Growing up in Southern Utah, where NO ONE played soccer, I always thought the term "soccer mom" was weird. Well, I guess now I am an official "soccer mom".

Yay, me. :o)


Sarah said...

Atta kid, good number.. I see he wanted to take after his Aunt Sarah and he probably didn't even know it!