Saturday, October 4, 2008

Much Ado About Matt

I actually pulled it off.

Last night we had a surprise birthday party for MATT. I learned that MAN oh MAN, I am so very bad at keeping secrets. I only just decided to do this less than a WEEK before Matt's birthday...and I frantically ran around making plans. It was extremely hard to keep the secret from Matt, and I almost slipped up about a million different times. I was covering things up like crazy. So glad it turned out to be a great surprise for him! He deserved a fun celebration for the big 4-0.

Matt's day started off with a candy-gram! I have not made one of these since high school, and Sue and I had a great time putting this one together, giggling and trying not to make it too obscene, since I knew my children would see it.

The boys gave him a basket of "40's".

Here we are, just after arriving at the surprise party! We held it at a local restaurant. He swears he had NO idea it was coming, so either he is a really good liar, or I am a really good liar. The world may never know.

The cake! Yum! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The best.

Half of the crowd! Clockwise round the table: Ralph, John, Karen, Steve, Darren, Sue, Rich, Barbara, Katie, Melissa and Sara.

The other half of the crowd...round the table clockwise, Rebecca, Jason, Matt, Chris, Gwen, Anthony, Monique, Tiffany, Alison and Rod.

The b-day boy, opening presents.

Yea, there's a gag gift in every bunch. A little something for the old man. Thanks Rod and Alison!

Matt's favorite gift - Rock Band! A few friends came over after the party and we played the night away. Too much fun! I like doing the singing, but I get a little offended when it tells me my singing is "weak." Don't they know who I AM???? Sheesh!

Jason and Rebecca, great friends and party planners extraordinaire. I absolutely could NOT have done this without Rebecca. She got the decorations, picked up the cake, decorated everything...she was fantastic. Love you, Rebecca!

Whew. Although it was tons of fun, I will NOT be doing another surprise party anytime soon. It's too hard to keep a secret from your spouse!
Happy birthday to Matt! Now I am gonna go take a nap. My nerves are shot.


Rebecca said...

We had a great time helping with the surprise and hangin' out. You know how I love birthdays. You'll have to add the video clip of Matt walking in. And have a Rock Band soon -- kind of like karaoke, which is a fav of mine.

Savy said...


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Looks like you planned a great party!! I LOVE the candy gram!! My husband turns 40 in March....I might have to steal this idea.

Gwen Hawkins said...

Great party for sure! Glad Matt had a fun birthday. Thanks for the invite!

Valerie said...

Your candy sign cracked me up! Good for you for pulling off the surprise!

Coopercomics said...

I am so jealous for not being there to celebrate awesomeness that is Matt. The party looked soooo fun! I am so happy that you guys had a fun time....get ready for the big 60th for papa coop..more info tomorrow...woo hoo!!!

Ali said...

AAAWW! WHat a good little wifee you are! hehe Tell Matt that when I come out we can start a band. I call drums.

The Gage Cage said...

How FUN! FUN! FUN! I'm glad he was surprised!

christensen crew said...

Matt, Happy Birthday! Nicole, way to go on the surprise birthday party! You are looked like a true surprise and like a whole lot of fun...We too have a fortieth Birthday coming up for you know who! He isn't looking forward to it and has forbidden my from any kind of celebrations! :( I think I should though....
What a darling picture in the post below of Matt and Steve! I will snag that for keeps if that is okay! Cute family. Great post! And HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MATT!
Love Kate and Steve