Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving = Happy Faces

Pumpkin carving time is a day that we all love - the kids love to get their hands all gooey and design cool faces, and while I may not really care for the mess, I love to see them all having a good time.

My boys - getting ready to start hacking into the pumpkins!

Zack LOVES this :)

So does Matt. He is an old-school pumpkin carver - no fancy gadgets or stencils for him! Just hand him a spoon and a kitchen knife and all is well.

Is this a happy face, or what? He was singing a song he learned at school, "pumpkin stew! pumpkin stew!" Too cute.


Oooey-goooey pumpkin guts

The finished products! L to R: Zack's, the fake pumpkin that plugs in, Dylan's, mine (I carved it myself for the first time EVER), and Matt's. Classic and oh, so scary.

Now if I can just remember to throw them out before they are consumed with fruit flies.

Have a ghoul-a-riffic Halloween!


Valerie said...

Oh how I too dread the mess, but the memories are priceless!

First time carver huh? Come to think about it I don't think I've carved a pumpkin. I get to be very involved cutting off the tops, finishing the clean out and cleaning up the mess and even putting the candle in the pumpkin and lighting it, but have never carved. I will say you did a GREAT job first time carver you! Maybe next time will be my year!

Coopercomics said...

we are going to carve tonight!! i am sooo excited... :) I love the pictures of Matt and the boys carving the pumpkins. Kelly will love to look at them when she gets home. I am going to show them to her before we start ours. It is so cool that Matt like to carve pumpkins..what a cool dad.