Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Truck" or Treat and My Love Affair With Gary Sinise Continues

Yes, I meant to say TRUCK or teat, not TRUNK. Dylan calls it TRUCK or treat, and I kinda like it.

We've had a busy weekend.

Thanks to my illustrious and VERY high profile job at CSU Summer Arts, Matt and I got last minute VIP tickets to see the Lieutenant Dan Band, playing at CSU Stanislaus. Very cool. The Lt. Dan Band is a cover band that does a lot of USO tours and charity events. The "name" in the band is none other than my buddy, Gary Sinise (thus the name, "Lt. Dan Band". If you still don't get it, think Forrest Gump.) Long story short, one of the coordinators for Summer Arts is an old friend of Gary's, and they gave him an honorary Doctorate degree. The band performed. It was great. We love live music! Matt and I are concert-going fools.

When the night started, here is how close we were to the stage:
Really great seats. That's Gary in the middle, playing the bass guitar.

After my bosses left, we got a little crazy and went right to the front, where the party was really happening. Here's how close we were:

Hello, Dr. Sinise!

This is the second time this year we have been up-close and personal with Gary Sinise (thanks to Summer Arts), and I can truly say that he is a wonderful guy, who uses his fame to do a lot of good for those who are less fortunate. Matt and I are fans for life.

MEAHWHILE, back at the Ranch...While the parents are away, the children will play! Zack and Dylan spent the night at Poppi and Gigi's house and went to a trunk-or-treat held by another ward. Good times. Dylan was in all his Hulk-a-riffic glory:

And Zack was seeing the sights as a tacky tourist. (His actual costume is still on the way, so we made this one up from what we had. Not too bad for last-minute!)

Here's Dylan with his best buddy Ryan at the trunk-or-treat. Thanks to my good friend Rachel for sending me the photo! I'm afraid that Dylan's face is going to stick like that.

We all had great fun. We're tired, but happy. Back to business as usual this week.

Oh, and I am pretty sure Gary and I made eye contact at least once or twice. He even smiled at me. Maybe they'll let me be one of the bodies on CSI: NY.

Hey, a girl can dream...


Rebecca said...

Hey, I remember him talking about that concert back in July when you were drooling over him and making eye contact at CSU Fresno. I bet he totally remembers you -- hee hee.

Nicole said...

Oh yes - he TOTALLY recognized me!! Haha :)

If you and Jason had been here, we would have taken you, too! Misty would have LOVED it!

Valerie said...

For a minute there I thought Jake was at your house! Dylan and Jake must be thinking alike these days because that is the EXACT same costume Jake has! Go Hulk!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

i love that tacky tourist costume! hahaha. too funny.

And I should HOPE that those tickets were last minute!! I wouldn't want to think you chose Gary Sinise over Kanab and YOUR FAMILY!!!

Nicole said...

Jeez Manda - Like I don't feel bad enough ALREADY!

Coopercomics said...

hob-nobbing with celebrities! You Californians have a fun life over there..I just hang out with pirates.. :)

Ali said...

Oh so THAT is why you couldn't come to Kanab. Stupid Gary.