Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: Celebrity Showdown

The assignment today is to list my five favorite celebrities and why I like them. This is a tough subject for me, because there are SO many I like, it is hard to narrow down to my absolute favorites. I decided to stick with actors, because of I branch out to another category, I will spend forever trying to narrow it to just five. My answers could be completely different on any given day. And so, for right NOW, at this moment...here are my favorite celebrities (actors) and why I like them:

Ahhh, Brad. I remember first seeing Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It with my friend Sheryl. (Thelma and Louise had already come out,but we hadn't seen it yet.) We stayed for the credits of the movie because we wanted to see just WHO this guy was - we loved him! We looked at each other and repeated his name - saying, "We need to remember him. He is incredible." Was I right, or what? I am really looking forward to seeing him in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Kira Knightley. Queen of the corset. I liked her in Bend it Like Beckham, and Love, Actually, but I truly learned to appreciate her when I saw her in Pride and Prejudice. Her portrayal of Elizabeth was understated and beautiful. She is truly talented. I think she is going to be around for a LONG time. Looking forward to seeing her in The Duchess coming up.

Christian Bale. Totally under appreciated in Hollywood for many, many years. I think he should have won a few Academy Awards by this point. I liked him in Newsies, but got a bit of a crush on him when he was in Little Woman with Winona Rider. He can completely transform for a role. So happy to see that Hollywood is finally noticing him and giving him the big roles he deserves. LOVE him as Batman.

Cate! Cate! I love this woman. Elizabeth is one of my all-time favorite movies. She is truly wonderful in everything I have ever seen her in. Cate Blanchett was great as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator, and with Brad Pitt in Babel. Can't wait to see her and Brad again in a movie together soon. Her fashion choices are nearly flawless!

This is my lesser known choice - Kevin McKidd. I watched the TV show Journeyman with him in it last year,and nearly cried when they cancelled the show. Of course I was THRILLED to see that he is now on Grey's Anatomy. If they are smart, they'll keep him there! Some may recognize him from Trainspotting or one of the many other roles he has played. He's been around for a while. He just seems very real, not too flashy and OH so likeable :o) I also love a man with a Scottish accent...

That was hard! I have many favorites, but these are the ones that are on my mind today.

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we have all of the same actors...only I would add Rachel McAdams and Paul Bettany..he is in lots of great movies...looks like your tv guy and i think he might be british... I know he married Jennifer Connelly..