Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Stand Corrected

So, it turns out that the "pancake puff" commercial has got it ALL wrong. Ebelskiva's are NOT supposed to look like little flying saucers - they are meant to be round! After reading my ebelskiva (correct spelling this time!) post a few days back, my good friend Rachel Soldani sent me an email. Part of her family is Danish, and she knows how to make the ebelskivas (AKA "pancake puffs") to be completely ROUND, like balls, and did I want to come over and learn how to do it?

Heck, yes I did!

Here is the recipe that we used:
4 c flour
1 t salt
2 T baking powder
3 t sugar
3 c milk
4 eggs, yolks and whites separated
4 T melted butter

Beat egg YOLKS slightly and then add milk, beat, then add flour, sugar, salt, and baking powder. Add melted butter and mix well. Fold in egg whites which have been BEATEN stiff but not dry. Grease holes in hot ebelskiva pan (set to MED heat). Pour dough to top of the hole. Turn with fork until all sides are cooked. Serve with sugar or syrup.

I think you could probably use a mix as well - that is what I used the first time around when I made the little flying saucers :)

I forgot to take my camera (shocking, I know), but I made them again at home this morning and photo documented it step by step.

Here we go - fill the cups ALL the way full.

After about a minute or so, turn to the SIDE with a fork.

After another minute, stick the fork in the front and turn back, so the fold is on the TOP, like this:

Then turn so the bottom cooks for about another minute. After that, just turn here and there so they cook all the way through.

Check the inside before you serve them - if they didn't cook all the way through, pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds or so, and VIOLA! Ebelskivas! Aren't they lovely??

Did Dylan like them? Yes, he did.

Did Zack like them? Yes - he and his bed-head LOVED them.

And mom's happy too! I would take a picture of myself, but I am looking a little scary this morning, and I do have to maintain SOME standards, however low they may be...

Thanks, Rachel! You're the best!
Footnote: I was going to call this post "big balls", but thought better of it :)


Rachel said...

Yipee!! Way to go, they look great.

Coopercomics said...

Your Mom and I were JUST talking about those this morning..she was telling me that they were really difficult to make with the egg separating and is so crazy that we could feel your it

Nicole said...

Hey Lex - I didn't think they were hard at ALL - really easy, actually - once you know how to do it! Let me know if you try the round version :)

The Terry Experience said...

Those look pretty awesome! I've never heard of them.

Clausen Family said...

Hey Nicole they look great. I too have always wanted one of those pans and finally got one. WOO HOO! My kids always ask me to make Pancake puffs. Now I will have to try this recipe. THANKS!

Nicole said...

Jamie - let me know how they turn out!!

Gwen Hawkins said...

hahahah!! awesome!! Now I reeally want one of those pans! sooooo cool!