Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madsen November Birthdays

We had a November birthday get-together last Sunday night to celebrate the California Madsen birthdays for the month...Gigi (Mom Madsen), McKay and Zack! Dinner was hosted by Josh and Tiffany at their beautiful home. The kids always love going over there because there is SO much room to run and play!

Here are all the birthday people - plus one. Zack, McKay and Gigi! Loie is always in the middle of the action. Gigi looks shocked because when she went to blow out her candle, Loie had already done it, and McKay's too! Zack was fast and got to his before Loie did :) So funny!

Kids jumping and playing on the trampoline. It was a beautiful, warm evening.

Zack opening presents - again, assisted by Loie! She likes to be where the excitement is happening :)

Tiffany made this DINNER in a PUMPKIN. How cool is that? It was really yummy, too. That's my arm in the picture. Matt was in charge of taking pictures, and I STILL wasn't in any of them!

Zack's actual birthday is on the 25th, but we'll be riding in the car on the way to Pine Valley on that day (house robbers please stay away), so he's getting birthday celebrations BEFORE and AFTER his birthday this year! Lucky boy.

Good times!