Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick-or-Treat Madness

In the midst of all the sadness, it was really good to get out and do something fun and normal like trick-or-treating with family and friends.

Dylan the Hulk was ready to go!

Zack is Mario. Loved the 'stache. He was lookin' good! A few people thought he was "Joe the Plumber", but most knew who he was right away. (I had to have a political talk with him to explain who "Joe the Plumber" was.)

Zack and his best bud Ryan - Mario and Luigi! They were a huge hit - by far the most original costumes I saw all night. (This is a signature pose from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.)

Ryan, Zack, Dylan and Sarah. Sarah is dressed as Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

This is the house across the street from us. This window can be seen directly from Dylan's bedroom window. You can't tell from this photo, but the hand prints are blood red and look REALLY creepy. Dylan looked out the window at them every tell the truth, I will be very happy to see them go. *shiver

The whole trick-or-treating crew! Loie, McKay (hiding behind Loie), Sarah, Dylan, Ryan, Keenan and Zack! Zack likes this picture because he says it looks like he has a fireball in his hand. Mario-riffic.

Cousin-buddies Dylan and Keenan (Keenan is a Clone Trooper named Commander Rex from Star Wars the Clone Wars, and LOVED it when people asked him who he was dressed as.)

Love this! Ryan's expression here just makes me laugh. Too funny.

At the end of the night, the kids had quite the stash of candy. Dylan's candy filled this gallon bag, and a quart sized ziploc as well. Zack had the same amount. Thankfully, the boys are really good about asking before they chow on candy, otherwise I am sure they would have awakened with tummy aches from eating too much! Now if I only had to ask for permission to eat candy, that might be even better...

Good times.


Savy said...

I'm pretty sure that Zack and Ryan were made for eachother.

Ali said...

Those costumes are awesome!

Valerie said...

As me, Rachel and Jake were at the elementary school on Halloween watching the kids parade through with their costumes, Jake looked out in the hall and said, "There's Dylan." At first I was thinking of the Dylan that Joe and Jess hang out with and so of course I said, "No, that's not Dylan." He kept insisting that it was Dylan and I finally realized there was a boy in the hallway dressed as hulk that DID look like your Dylan. I had only shown him Dylan as Hulk once, but it apparently stuck. I then had to try and convince him that Dylan lived far away from us and that it couldn't be him, but reassured him that Dylan was probably in his Hulk costume too.