Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve at Grami Snow's

We kept up the "Christmas at Grami Snow's" tradition again this year. Lots of food, fun, and COUSINS COUSINS COUSINS everywhere.

Talia LOVES Zack. She hung on him quite a bit, and I think he liked it. I caught him smiling about it most of the time.

The kids acted out the Nativity as Grami recited the story from memory. Tessa (above) was the angel. Too cute. Although I imagine the REAL angel wasn't being held up in the air by a parent. :)

Meet Mary. Well, it's really Talia. Isn't she the cutest little toothless Mary you have ever seen?

Carter and Zack - two of the three Wise Guys, I mean Wise MEN. The pre-teens of the bunch. Heaven help us all.

Dylan - a shepherd.

The whole gang. Click on the picture to see it close up, and to see who is who.

It's always fun to gather with the family! FYI - Kathi (mom to all the "T" kids, with the exception of Tanner) has a whole Nativity kit - all the costumes in Ziploc bags, all filed in a box nice and neat. She is supermom. I am thinking that would be a GREAT Christmas present for next year for me to give someone. Now if only I could find someone to make it FOR me...


Kathi said...

I'm glad you got pictures. My camera was freaking out! Watching the kids act out the Nativity is my favorite part of the night. Did anyone video it?