Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Smashion at the Oscars

I LOVE the Oscars. I love the clothes, the stars, the musical numbers, all of it. It's like my Superbowl every year. I enjoyed last nights show a lot - some surprises, but it was mostly pretty predictable in the awards category. Here are my thoughts on some of the fashion for the evening...

Another miss from Tilda Swinton. Last year's gown was atrocious, this years gown was just bad. Perhaps next year she'll make it to mediocre...?

Ugh. Not. Good. Zack came into the room when Sophia Loren was talking, looked at the TV. "Ahh!" he said. Yes, Zack, "Ahhh!", indeed.

I didn't like Reese's dress this year at ALL. Kind of looked like she started with a really pretty blue dress, then wrapped a weird sash all over it. She can do better than that!

Philip Seymour Hoffman was just all shades of wrong. Leave the beanie at home, dude.

Meryl usually shows up wearing something really strange. I thought this was a decent look, considering some of her past dresses. Not my favorite, but not the worst, either.

Though I love and adore Kate, I wanted more from her, fashion wise. I liked this dress, but didn't love it.

Best looking couple of the night. Josh Brolin was rocking the tux and the goatee, and Diane Lane is just classically beautiful. Very nice!

Why, Jessica? Why? Not. Good. The weird sashy thing was just too....weird for me.

I like this a lot. I especially love Amy Adams' necklace here. Beautiful!

I loved this dress Alicia Keyes was wearing! I like it when they wear a color outside the norm. Very pretty! She's come a long way from when she first showed up on the music scene in braids and jeans, don't you think?

"Rockin around the Christmas tree..." Just plain wrong, Miley.

Well, it wasn't like I actually expected Mickey to show up wearing something remotely NORMAL or anything. Despite his fashion choices, I've got nothing but love for Mickey Rourke. Everyone loves a good comeback story!

No, Beyonce. No, no no. Looks like something that should be on a throw pillow.

Angelina looked very classy and elegant. Loved the green accents. Although I really can't remember ever seeing her in anything but black...? I'd like to see her in another color one of these days.

Simply georgous! This was my favorite dress of the evening. Yay, Anne Hathaway!

Dis-honorable mention: Whoopi Goldberg's dress was completely awful. Too awful to post!

What did you think? What were your favorites of the evening?


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

I knew it. I just posted my best and worst dressed and I came here to compare KNOWING you'd be on the ball. Haha we have some similarities. I love Anne Hathaway's dress too she was one of my fav's but I couldn't find a pic of her right away. I agree with you on Reese's dress too. Icky. And Kate's dress needed something, it was just alright.

Coopercomics said...

When DJ saw Sophia he also screamed out "what the heck!" That is funny that they had the same reaction. Deej and I did a "first ever Oscar pics" and we got 15 right out of 20. Pretty sweet. We even managed to see all of the movies so we could be really into it.

Angie said...

You cooper people are really up to speed on your fashion (and criticism;) I think Alicia Keyes looked great too, but she's BEAUTIFUL so her face helps!! haha.

Bartman said...

The worst part about Mickey Rourke wasn't his outfit but the side effects of Human Growth Hormone. Hope the poor guy's heart could take it. Gotta love a good comeback story though!

justjen said...

Loved the review here...couldn't agree more. What is with Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Anniston having dresses that looked sooo similar though? Don't they kinda get the inside scoop to try to avoid such situations?