Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dylan's First Baseball Game

The HURRICANES had their first game on Monday night. Have I mentioned that I LOVE baseball season?? So much fun! They don't keep score at this league, but both teams did well. The Hurricanes are looking good! Dylan was toward the end of the lineup, so they have all the kid still on base after they get through the line up run all around the bases...he thought he hit 3 home runs!

Dylan played left field and got LOTS of action. At one point he threw himself on a fast moving line drive. It was great! Reminded me of my Dad yelling at me when I played, "Sacrifice your body for the ball!" (He also used to yell, "You run like a girl!" Thank goodness that doesn't apply to Dylan.)

Ball player. Grass stains and all.

Here's Dylan watching the batter from left field, with his good buddy Daniel at center field.

Dylan's cousin Keenan played 1st base. I love this shot! He looks very intense.

Dylan at bat.

Matt and I loved having Zack, Uncle Josh, Aunt Tiffany, Loie, McKay, Aunt Tish and Grami Snow all there to cheer for the boys! I'm sure this will be the first of MANY baseball posts. Hooray for baseball season!

I am sure the Atlanta Braves are already intrigued by the talent of the Madsen cousins :)


Valerie said...

That's fun Dylan is on the same team as his cousin! It makes it more memorable!

I'll miss the baseball season this year! Danny has decided to keep wrestling instead of doing baseball. Not to mention the option for baseball here just isn't as competitive as where we came from. I'll still miss it though! So I'll live baseball through you and your boys!

Good job Dylan and GO HURRICANES!