Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tell-All: 5 Words

It's National 'Words Matter' Week! Did you know?

Yeah, neither did I.

BUT - in the spirit of National 'Words Matter' Week, I give you the 5 of the words that matter most to me, and more importantly, why they matter.

I know. "Duh!" you say. I love my family more than any amount of words can express. This of course includes my husband and two boys, as well as my siblings, parents, in-laws, cousins...all of them. They are what make me who I am, and I am fiercely loyal to all of them.

I know that I can be with my family (see above) forever. This is a knowledge that gives me great comfort. Hard to comprehend, but I am so, so grateful. Matt and I get to gaze into one anothers eyes forEVAH! Wahoo!

Now, by nature, I am NOT a quiet person. (I just heard 15 of you go "No kidding!") But I think it is important to sit back every once in a while and just be still. I have found that in quiet moments I usually come up with my best ideas. Quiet allows me to reflect, to mourn, to find a little peace in an otherwise loud and hustle-bustle kind of day. I love one-on-one quiet time with my children. It is then that we discuss the value of one Pokemon over another, or have a lengthy discussion about who was the most powerful Sith - Count Dooku or Darth Maul? Priceless quiet moments.

Where would I be without my posse?? I have been lucky to make and maintain great friendships through the years. They keep me sane!

No, I'm not talking about hair and make-up. I am talking about nature. I try to look up and around every once in a while and appreciate the little things - clouds, sky, mountains, grass...and I hope I am passing that along to my boys. I know my parents passed their appreciation of nature along to me. Thanks mom and dad!

Happy 'Words Matter' week to all!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Quiet would have to be one of my favorites too! It is weird how you appreciate some quietness once you get older. I remember mom always wanting to turn off the tv for "a little piece and quiet" I used to think she was nuts!! Now I totally understand...scary!

Nicole said...

I know - we are becoming Mom. It's inevitable.