Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play Ball!

Baseball season begins! Today was opening day for Dylan - he is in the Cal Ripken Instructional league and LOVING it! Today all the teams competed in base race, baseball throw, and furthest hit contests, all the while having a great time and getting to know each other even better.

Dylan's team mascot: the HURRICANES!

Here's Dylan during the base race, headed home. Take a look at his face. PURE JOY. I love this shot.

Dylan and Keenan (his cousin - below) are on the same team! I'm so excited to have them get to spend more time together. It'll be fun having Poppi and Gigi and Aunt Tish come to some games together to cheer for them both.

Keenan has the eye of the tiger in this shot. Look out, world.

Dylan. What a kid.

The Hurricanes! Talking with their coaches before the competition. I have been VERY impressed with their coaches so far. They really know what they are doing, and the kids listen to them incredibly well. Dylan is lucky to be on this team.

Like little duckings - following their coach to the first event.

Dylan goofing around with one of his teammates :)

Playing catch

Cute behind shot of Dylan :)

Enjoying all the fun!

I absolutely love baseball. I love attending the games and cheering for my kiddos. Dylan is going to have a great year!


Gwen Hawkins said...

AHHH Nicole! LOVE these pics! You are getting so good! I mean the baseball with Dylan is great and all, but I love the shots you got. So fun!

Nicole said...

Thanks Gwen! They were all candid shots - I like doing that kind of photography SO much more! It was a fun morning.

Jill said...

You are so good - I left my camera at home. I'm a party pooper. Maybe because I've done this so many times now that it is nuts! I still love it though! You got some really cute shots!

Angie said...

Cute! I think I will have so much fun when my kids are old enough to do that!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

GREAT shots! Those are some way cute pictures. I wish I could watch them play!! I can't wait until my kids are in sports. Or, you know, whatever those choose ;)

Kathi said...

Looks like a lot of family fun!

Ali said...

These pics are SO flippin cute! What a little stud. I want to see the boys play so bad! Are you still coming out here sometime in april?