Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Good to be Oblivious.

Conversation with Zack (as related to me by Aunt Tishele)...

Zack (from the other room): Mom.

Mom: (no response)

Zack (still from the other room): MOM!

Mom: (still no response)

Zack(STILL from the other room): MOM!

Mom: (No response. Totally oblivious.)

Zack, turning to Tishele to say with a sigh: Hang on a second. She only hears me when I touch her.

Zack, now touching mom lightly on the shoulder: Mom?

Mom: What, Zack?
Ladies and gentlemen, I have now perfected the art of totally and completely tuning out my children.


Carmen said...

I can relate...and mine are still little!

But in my defense, Jakey (who is almost 3) calls my name all.day.long. ;)

Pam said...

Who knew you were tuning them out. I just thought you were teaching them not to scream for you from another room. And all along I was thinking, she is brilliant. I need to do that, but I get too annoyed listening to them shout for me. And what I really need to do is learn to tune them out. You ARE brilliant.

Ali said...

Blame Mom.

M@ said...

That is so rad. That has to be the MOST rad thing I've read all day.

tishelem said...

Zack really is a funny, but observant guy!!