Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He Survived 1st Grade

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, (Hi, Mom!) then you know that Dylan did not have a particularly good start of the school year. I've haven't said much about it, but it definitely got a lot better after the first couple of weeks in the big, big, scary world of 1st grade. A couple of weeks ago the school held their end of the year open house. D's teacher has focused a lot on different artists through the year. Dylan has come home all year long talking about Monet, Van Gogh, Georgia O' Keefe and many others. I love it!

Dylan with his FANTASTIC teacher, Mrs. E.

As you can see, his favorite is Van Gogh. He is fascinated with the whole debated chopping-off-of-the-ear thing. What boy wouldn't be? Plus, he really likes the painting Starry Night. The kid has taste.

He wrote "Vincent" a letter.

We're working on the handwriting, but we're getting there!

My son, the budding artist.

A big thrill: the Chick-fil-a cow! Dylan was super-excited. Mooooo.

Now we're eagerly anticipating summer. I am definitely ready for a homework break myself. One can only take so many lessons on "take away," lemme tell ya.

Dylan asks me several times every day if summer is here yet. Bring it on.


Rebecca Jo said...

What fine art taste he has!!!

He looks so happy that its the last day.. he must be ready for summer!!!

Jaden Paige said...

I think it's wonderful that his teacher is focusing on art so much at such a young age! AWESOME :) It's one of the first things to be omitted from education these days, and it's important that we foster kids' creativity...

Hope you all have an awesome summer!

Sturgmom said...

I feel your pain. My oldest goes to a private school and I just KNEW he was going to get kicked out sometime in his first month there. Every time the phone rang, I was afraid it was the school calling to say they'd had enough. Thankfully, he settled in and had an AWESOME year in kindergarten. And he happens to LOVE Van Gohg also. I think he's recreated all of Van Gogh's paintings at some point this year.

Rachel said...

My #1 had Mrs.E. and I LOVED her. Her art unit was amazing. She was one of my favorite teachers,very creative.

Matt Madsen said...

Dylan Cooper "Van" Madsen

I was chuckling when he said Georgia O'Keefe.
He's a great son.