Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom's Weekend Away

Last weekend I took a little road trip over to good 'ol St. George, Utah...better known as "Utah's Dixie." Some old college friends and I had planned to spend the weekend talking and laughing, and that's just what we did! Some of us had not seen each other for (*gasp*) over 19 years, so it was beyond wonderful for everyone to reconnect again.

We're planning on doing it up bigger and better next year, and I was elected (yay) to be the planner for an unofficial Dixie College Music and Theatre reunion for folks who went there for 1987-1990-ish. I am already looking forward to seeing these friends and even more next year!

The gaggle of girls! Top L to R: Lisa, Me, Shelly, Marlo and Heidi
Bottom L to R: Erin and Lanette. I love these ladies!!

The Fine Arts building. I LIVED here, and loved every minute of it.

Shelly and Erin, ready to re-create the re-creation of the falling down the hill scene from The Princess Bride. "Oh my sweet Westley...what have I done!!" Ahh, good times. Good times.

We got lovely matching pedicures. Any guesses as to which foot it mine? Hmm?

We visited the Dixie College campus. Ahh, the fountain! This is Lisa and her sweet little one, Isabella, taking a stroll.

The Wedge! We had to visit the old E-1 apartment, where all the (*ahem*) magic happened. Oh, if these walls could talk! Well...perhaps it's better if they DON'T. (Matt and I had our first kiss in this apartment, way back in 1990. It was delicious. And still is, thank you very much.) The owner of the apartments, who also happens to be Matt's cousin, happened by and let us in to see the old place. Not much had changed. They DID paint over all the stars in Lisa and Erin's room, which is probably a good thing.

Out to lunch at the Pasta Factory!

I am already looking forward to next year! It can't come fast enough! I had a great time, and I am eternally grateful to Matt for still loving me even though I completely abandoned him for Fathers Day to have a get-away. Now THAT'S a good man!


The Holland Family said...

Wow, looks like tons of fun. Tell them all I said hello when you meet again. You all look great! What a fun get together. I can't believe you found Lisa! Oh the fun times we had. Her baby is so darling too. I'm jealous. Love, Nicole

Nicole said...

Aww, Nicole! You need to get on Facebook and reconnect with everyone! I'm telling you, it's the place to be! I was THRILLED to find Lisa - it was so fun to see everyone again!

The Holland Family said...

I know I know I need to do the facebook thing. I just can't quite get into it. I can barely keep up my blogs.

Nicole said...

Do it, Nicole! Do it! Do it! Do it! ;)

M@ said...

Looks like so much fun! Too bad u missed my SHOW! But oh well. I guess it's best you don't know what you're missing. I wouldn't want u to be too dissappointed! ;)