Saturday, December 15, 2007

CVCHS Christmas Party


The Charter HS I teach a choir class for one day a week had a party this past Friday night. Matt was already committed to announce at a wrestling tournament, so he was unable to come with me. I took along my friend Sue - we had a great time! Some of our choir members we able to come and sing - they did For Good from Wicked, Let it Snow and a parody of Jolly Old St. Nick, making fun of a lot of the administration. I also sang a solo I learned the DAY before - Grown Up Christmas List. My good friend Rebecca was the pianist-extraordinare. Everyone did a good job...the choir girls sounded like angels! I love them!

Of course I missed Matt being there, but I loved having Sue along for the ride! She is always a lot of fun, but darn her - she never wants to hold my hand... :o)

Photo above is of Rebecca and I and some of our lovely choir girls.

Sue - my "date" for the evening, Rebecca and me. Matt says we look like we are headed to a Depeche Mode concert together - all in BLACK!