Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Tell-All: School Days

Looks like the TTA ladies are still out of commission - probably out hiking the Himalayas or saving the whales :o) so I have chosen another old topic that was done before I started on this TTA journey - - SCHOOL DAYS.

I've been looking through my good old scrapbook that my mom kept for me (thanks Mom!) so I'll post a few pics and reminisce a bit about the good 'ol days...

These first 3 scanned pictures are from grade school. From L to R they are 3rd grade, 2nd grade, 1st grade.

The 3rd grade picture: We lived in Steamboat Springs, CO. I distinctly remember my mom telling me that morning to remember to take off my jacket before the picture was taken. When I came home that afternoon and told her that I had forgotten to take it off, she was not happy. Well as it turned out, the background was a waterfall and the jacket looks very appropriate! Whew. My picture looked WAY better than the picture of our neighbor - he was wearing a three-piece suit!

2nd grade: I can't believe I am even posting this picture. I despise this picture, but I think I am at a point in life where I can at least look at it and laugh now. I don't exactly look like the brightest bulb in the box here.

1st grade: I LOVED the shirt I was wearing here! It was a picture of two dogs sitting at a soda fountain and I wore this shirt ALL the time.

Next, here are two pictures that I just love. the first if of me and my sister Jessica. I remember that the picture was taken at my Grandma Cooper's house. I would have been about 8 years old, and Jess would have been about 3.

The one on the right is of me and my Princess Leia hair - I am posting this to show my son Dylan that yes, Mommy loved Star Wars as a kid, too.

This next one is sweet. Here I am in 1980 (10 years old) totally rocking my rainbow suspenders...
OK, time to skip ahead a bit or I will be here all day...

This last photo is of the Miss Kane County Pageant (in 1987, I think) - look at all the poofy hair and poofy dresses! Welcome to the 80's, friends. This pageant was TONS of fun and I wanted to post the picture because there are so many good friends in it. I'll point out a few. That's my best bud Valerie on the far right, contestant number 1. I am right in the middle, number 8. (With the LEAST poofy dress and the scandalous ONE SLEEVE. You can see my tan line on the other shoulder. What a hussy.) The winner, another good friend, was Alysann Ford, number 11. She was an incredible dancer. I especially love this photo because it has Jennifer (Shumway) Ballard in it - she is contestant number 6. Jennifer passed away at age 29 of cancer and I still think about her and miss her. She was incredibly talented and smart and fun.

And there you have it! A little trip back to my school days.


Kim said...

Cute pics. On the Pageant pics who are the rest of the girls? I can figure some out but not all.

Kim said...

Great background!!

Nicole said...

L to R pageant girls are:
14-Keri Heaton (Fredonia)
13-Shannon can't remember her last name
12-Karla can't rememberher last name from Fredonia
10-Angel Littlefield
9-don't know
7-Annette Winsor
5-JoAnn Willis
4-Irene Winsor
3-Michelle (last name? I should know that one...)
2-DeAnna Taylor

The Green Bunch said...

Fun time looking back! What a great pageant picture! I don't recall having anything like it. I've copied into my pictures - I hope that's ok. Who is that #9? Michelle... Terrell.

Nicole said...

of course it's ok that you copy it! TERRELL! Thanks. That was bugging me.

I think my mom got the photo from the newspaper photographer - Reddick.

Is #9 from Valley, maybe?

Kim said...

#12 Looks like Karla Heyborne Knape from Valley?

Nicole said...

Yep - that's Karla's last name. I should have remembered that!

Ali Mace said...

I must say I like the rainbow suspender picture the best! hehe Where do you get all your cute templates from?

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Those were the best pictures! And I don't remember seeing some of them. You must have hidden the suspender pic....