Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yet Another Conversation with Dylan

Dylan: Butterscotch (the cat) is hungry.

Mom: What?

Dylan: Butterscotch is HUNGRY!

Mom: No, he's already been fed today.

Dylan: But mom, I KNOW he's hungry! His stomach is growling.

Mom: Did you say his stomach is growling??

Dylan: Yes, I can hear his stomach growling.

Mom: Dylan, that's not his stomach growling - he's purring. He's purring because he loves you.

Dylan: How do you know that?

Mom: Cat's make that purring sound when they love you. He's happy, not hungry.

Dylan: Oh. OK.

Yet another life lesson learned.


Cecily R said...

Cute! I wish when my stomach sounded like that I was just purring. I also wish it wouldn't happen so often when bad for me food was around. I need to learn a life lesson or two...:)