Sunday, March 30, 2008

The 52 Blessings Project: Week 14

I have the world's most faithful visiting teachers. Sara and Angie come EVERY month. I love them both, and they are such a tremendous blessing to me. The visiting teaching program is a wonderful thing. I am definitely not the best teacher in the world (not even close...) but I have been very blessed over the years to have faithful sisters visit me. I am blessed to know them and to GET to know them, and I have repeatedly seen the Lord's hand in the selection of those who teach me, and those I teach. A true blessing!

Hey - I just realized that my teachers names are Sara and Angie, and one of my SISTERS (the biological kind) is named Sarah Angie! Ooooooh, that's weird!


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

Trust me. I live off of Tivo my friend!! But at the same time I really try to watch sports live. It is much better :)

Sarah Greener said...

Ha that is funny that your visiting teachers and your sis have similar names. That is good that you have "faithful" visiting teachers, I hit my people about every other month. I guess their is always room for improvement:) OH that is awesome that your friends help you paint, they seem like a good bunch!