Monday, March 31, 2008

My Very Own Little Monkey

Dylan is a little monkey. He loves to climb and explore and run and jump. Lately he has taken to hanging out with this little stuffed monkey, which I thought was pretty appropriate. He has named him "Brown-tan." That's right he named the brown and tan monkey Brown-tan. You can't say he doesn't know his colors!

Matt dug a hole in the back yard last week for a tether ball pole. Of course Dylan was ALL over that one. He immediately jumped in the hole (even after told NOT to) and posed for this picture.

I suppose we shouldn't encourage him by taking pictures of the things we told him NOT to do...probably a parenting no-no.

While we painted last week, Dylan and Brynley played and played together. Brynley has two older brothers, so she totally knows how to run and jump and chase and play with light sabers. What a good sport! They ate their lunch in the master bedroom closet while we painted. It was like a little hideout. I took this photo of them without their knowledge...they were looking out the master bedroom window at the dogs in the neighbors yard. Sweet.


Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

I like the picture of zack and his gal pal! The shadows look good :) You send those cd's today???

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

i ment dylan....woopsy

Cecily R said...

The last shot is SWEET. I love pictures like that. My kids would be in the tetherball hole in nothing flat. In fact, I'd wonder what was wrong if they DIDN'T ignore me on that one...:)

Ali said...

I miss you sooooo much already!! :(