Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Life with Dylan

Matt had a class to attend tonight, so I decided to take Zack and Dylan to Red Robin for dinner. The hostess seated us, and I noticed the family to my right. I (judgmentally) noticed that they were very scraggly looking - sweat pants, old ratty t-shirts, very unkempt. As I (rudely) thought to myself, "Boy...I sure am glad I don't look like THAT," I reached across Dylan for a napkin and said, "Excuse me," as I reached. Good old Dylan, LOUD enough for ALL to hear, replies, "Why, Mom? Did you FART?"


Yes, we are one classy family.


Sarah said...

Hahahaha that is too funny!!

Jason, Amanda, and Sadie said...

hahahaha. That is awesome, sheesh nicole! teach your boy some TACT! JK!! like when someone (never me) farts around Mia she just says"...nice"

Ali said...

So...did you fart or what?

Nicole said...

uh, NO!!! Hello!