Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's a MAN!

I took the kids to finish up school shopping this morning (ALWAYS a joy to take two BOYS shopping. They SO love it...), and on the list of things to do, we needed to buy new shoes for each boy. Found Dylan's first. Done. His only requirement was that they not have laces. Yes, I am creating a lazy boy who never has to tie his shoes, but I have to pick my battles.

On to Zack.

Here is his size:

Notice the word below the number. It says MEN'S. He's 10, and now we shop in the MEN'S section for shoes!! Since when is a 10 year old a MAN?? Yikes.

Looks like he got the Cooper big feet gene.

What's next? A man-mustache?? Heaven help me.


Tammi Shepherd said...

The shaving thing may be closer than you realize. Jordan, having really dark hair had to start shaving his upper lip when he was 13. They grow up way tooo fast!

Savy said...

Big feet rule! But have you gone to the new In-N-Out?! Ryan was the first customer! Hahahahahaha