Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More More More Reunion Pictures

Yes I know all my readers have been dying...yes DYING to see more Thanksgiving/reunion photos. There are a MILLION photos in this post. Wish granted.

My aunt Mace and her family with Grandpa. It was his 89th birthday celebration!

Five generation photo - love this one because Grandpa is LAUGHING :)

Brothers MJ and Taylor

My BEST Aunt Mace with her granddaughter, Addi Mace.

Playing the "cup" game! Savy, Ali and Laura were REALLY good at it. I am not nearly coordinated enough for that one.

Matt is scoping out all the sales for Black Friday. He is quite the shopper!

We finished a puzzle! I can proudly say that I placed TWO whole puzzle pieces! Yay, me!

My sister Jess and baby Gavin. So sweet!

Part of the crazy running crew! Sammy, Kelly, Dylan and Brianna. They had a BALL playing together!

Potato peelers extraordinaire, Cynthia, Jess, Me and Amelia.

My cousin M.J. He was doing a herkie. I can't believe I caught this shot! There are just NO WORDS. I love him so much!!

Buddies Brianna and Dylan

Beautiful Savannah and beautiful scenery! It's the perfect picture!

My sister Jessica and her family. Parents Sam and Jess, kids Sammy, Ivy and baby Gavin.

The winning team of the scavenger hunt! Laura, Matt, Reed and M.J. (my team took second place!!)

The "pre-teen" posse - Ivy, Zack and Shae. They were pretty much inseparable. Zack was lovin' it!

My niece Ivy. Her parents are in for a fun time when she gets a little older! She's too beautiful!

My niece - Sadie Lea Pillmore!

Turkey-hatted kiddos Dylan, Kelly and Zack. Alexis was the craft queen and kept all the kids busy making fun thanksgiving stuff. Thanks, Lex!

My niece Mia! Love that smile :)

Zack and Mia - she followed him around a lot. It was very cute.

Sadie - ready to ride!

Dylan and Kelly. Cousins and friends.

My boys.

My sister Amanda and her family - Jason and Sadie (and the bun in the oven!)

My sis Ali

My cousin Taylor and his family - L to R: Payson, Taylor, Kelli and Addi. Blond and beautiful!

My cousin J.E. and his kids - L to R: Timmy, J.E., Brianna and Shannon. I LOVE LOVE this photo of them! (Patting myself on the back...)

Best cousins :) Nicole and Amelia. My cousin Amelia is one amazing woman and I love her dearly.

No, we didn't bring fans in. It was really that windy! My sister Ali, pretending not to be FREEZING cold.

My cousin Ameila and her family. Love Pine Valley!

My cousin Cynthia and her family. We thought the boys looked like the Jonas brothers. Big posse of really cute boys! Top row: Frank and Cynthia, Alex, Keaton, Brandon, Reagan, Courtney and Josh. Bottom row: Curtis and Zach.

My "best" cousin Amelia and her beautiful family again. L to R: Shane, Will, Mace, Shae, Reed and Amelia. Love them!!

My brother DJ with Kelly and Alexis. Love Kelly's missing tooth smile!

My 2nd cousin Courtney (her mom is my 1st cousin) and her hubby Brandon with little Reagan.

My sister Sarah and her hubby Jim. They are adorable!

My drop-dead gorgeous sister Ali. This is probably my favorite photo of the week. Woo-woo! Yes boys - she's single.

Isn't my family beautiful!? I am so thankful for every single one of them - there are no words to describe how much I love and cherish them all. Happy, happy days!


April said...

What great pictures of a beautiful family...I think your sis could be a model...she's very photogenic. Looks like you all had so much fun hanging out together!

Coopercomics said...

nglyYea! Have you considered being a professional photographer? I really think that you heave a creative eye, and a flair for bringing out the best in people. Love ya

Ali said...

Aw! I love all the pics. Favorite pic of the week huh? Wow...I'm honored, but it wouldn't be there without your awesome photography expertise! Nice work seesta.

Angie said...

We actually just moved back to K-town. I have a blog but it's private. Email me at and I'd be happy to add you. Love the PV pics!

Nicole said...

Lex - I don't think I could be a pro! I'd have to stipulate that I could ONLY photograph beautiful people :) It's MUCH easier!

Good thing my family is so darn beautiful.