Thursday, December 4, 2008

WordFUL Wednesday and How Keno and Marco Polo Met

Funny Conversation #1

Dylan: I wonder if that lady ever found Keno.

Mom and Dad: What?

Dylan: When we were eating breakfast, and that lady was looking for Keno. Remember?

(We ate breakfast in Primm at a casino on the way home from Utah - there was a lady walking around saying, "Keno? Keno! Keno?" to get players for the game.)

Cleary, "Keno" was LOST :)

Funny Conversation #2

Zack: We watched a short movie about Marco Polo.

Mom: Oh yeah? That's cool.

Zack: It's weird that he has the same name as that game you play when you are swimming in the pool.

Mom: The game is named after HIM, Zack. It's not just a random name for a game!

Zack: Oh. Well that makes more sense.

Zack looks like Brock from Pokemon in this picture. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Love conversations with kids! Their perspective is so fun to see! Gotta ♥ it!

We are studying Marco Polo. What movie did you see?

Nicole said...

It was a short promo about a Marco Polo at the beginning of an Abraham Lincoln video. I think Living Scriptures made it.